Wireless Networking

Wireless networks are no longer regarded as an optional requirement, they are a business critical element ensuring that organization’s stay ahead of their competition and maximize productivity and profitability.

The steady increase in wireless enabled mobile and hand-held devices, the rise in adoption of cloud based services, and therefore the decentralization of company workplace through teleworkers, micro-branches and partnering, are some of the trends that are compelling enterprises to implement wireless networking as an integral part of their network’s access architecture.

Wireless networks also improve productivity by permitting quick deployment of a functional, secure and operational network within a short amount of time. It also reduces cabling and networking costs by reducing copper cabling and switch port consumption and helps provide anytime and anywhere access to the network.

To add to that, wireless networking has become a vital component to support the rise in business video and other cloud based solutions that are getting popular and are proving to be very effective for the client.

Having instant access to company data and applications like email and internet anywhere in the campus changes the way employees collaborate and share information which can result in a dramatic increase in work efficiency. Providing a ubiquitous wireless network access across the enterprise or campus is a very effective and positive experience for both your staff as well as visitors. This experience is enriched even further when the wireless network is converged with voice and video.

Deploying a large-scale, campus-wide wireless network presents many challenges typically like coverage, capacity, density, and security. With our experience in designing data & voice structured networking and network security along with distinctive skills in integration of wireless solutions, enables us to provide requirement based customized solutions for our customers to implement hassle free, secure and quality wireless networks. Our solutions enable customers to economically deploy and manage secure, dependable, campus-wide wireless network.