Network Security

An open network environment facilitates businesses to improve productivity and extend its market reach. But such a network can even invite network intruders from within and outside. Network security breaches can have a devastating effect on businesses, leading to loss of vital information, revenue, and reduced productivity, not to mention the costs and effort required to restore the network, databases, and applications back to normal state.

Constant changes in technology, mainly around mobile devices, the internet cloud, and social media have a big impact on the network. New application, solutions and service like BYOD, virtualization, etc. are driven by the ever- changing end-user needs and expectations. While organizations strive hard to fulfill these demands and also trying to maintain services and security of the network at optimal levels, they face additional challenges like delivering increased productivity at reduced costs. There is always a growing need of solutions that will secure network infrastructure and support all kind of network devices like desktops, laptops, mobile and hand-held devices. Solutions like VoIP, business video, unified communication, collaboration, wireless mobility and even cloud-based applications help businesses achieve enhanced productivity, but also add to the existing dominant concern of ensuring the safety and integrity of the network infrastructure. With these ever-changing trends and technology being implemented in today’s networks, it is important to monitor and secure all kind of access to and from the business network.

The enterprise network infrastructure being essential for continued business operations and growth and the need to ensure data security and privacy within the network is crucial. JTPL has the expertise and experience to provides solutions that empower organizations to secure their network from such vulnerabilities and safeguard the integrity and privacy of their IT infrastructure.