Security Practice

Effective security solutions are needed to protect your organization’s information assets, deter or disrupt malicious attacks, and ensure operational continuity. A failure to secure the network can result not only in loss of company data and intellectual property but can even affect the company’s reputation. Adding to that, new trends such as access of assets and services through multiple mediums and clouds and proliferation of personal and business end devices on the network create a growing need for flexible yet stringent network security to prevent data leaks from the inside.

JTPL is committed to using its extensive network security expertise to help customers fortify their network foundations, protect their critical assets, and safeguard from such threats in today’s complex internet environment. Our solutions deliver the intelligence, visibility, and control that is needed to defend critical business applications, functions and assets. State-of- the-art technology and advanced solutions are required to strengthen the enterprise network security against such malicious activities, like Cloud-based threat intelligence and defense, common network-enforced policy implementation, management, and monitoring. Location-aware, Context-aware and device-aware network access and most importantly a trustworthy systems foundation to support all these services.

Our solutions are designed to empower customers to secure their network and develop the trust, visibility, and resiliency they need to operate with confidence. We provide a wide range of security solutions like Firewalls, Unified Threat Management (UTM), Network Access Control (NAC), Physical Security, Data Leak Prevention,  Advanced threat Prevention against Ransomware attacks etc, Security Event Monitoring and Logging, Access control systems, etc.

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