Businesses of all scales are finding it increasingly complicated to store, protect, and manage company data and information. Most businesses use disparate tools to manage storage for every application. As a result, they have to keep on configuring, provisioning and upgrading their servers and storage devices. Meanwhile, the rapid refresh in technology, that happens almost every three years, forces them to endure time-intensive and troubled migrations. Storage is elemental across a wide range of applications, be it large-scale cloud services or even in-house applications. Storage is the basic building block technology that can assist in sustaining and supporting this exponential growth of information. As data storage requirements increase, even a single data crash can bring a halt to the day to day functionality for businesses. A reliable, superior solution is the answer to safeguard against such a threats.

  As enterprises implement new-age technologies and solutions like ERP, IP surveillance, collaboration, business video, etc., there is a very high and continuously growing demand of storage for such solutions. With some estimates suggesting a four-fold increase in data requirements, the requirement for a scalable storage solution has never been more important. With the right kind of storage solution, enterprises can centrally store significantly more data than ever, without impacting on network traffic. Managing such greatly increased demands for data demands for a centralized storage instead of disparate and distributed storage systems. As a paradigm shift, virtualization has become the highest priority for many IT environments. OpEx and CapEx savings are primary motivations for implementing these solutions. Implementing virtualization solutions increases load on servers thus challenging storage performance, utilization and availability.

Data centers in medium sized businesses face a unique challenge. They face similar storage issues that the larger enterprises face, however need to resolve these issues within the limits of their scale of operations and tight budgets. Whether cloud, mobile, social, or analytics, businesses nowadays are struggling to deal with such large amounts of data that is created by traditional and new era workloads.

Customers will see immediate gains from implementing a centralized storage solution by achieving high availability of information, data sharing, economical and reliable backup and restoration functions in conjunction with disaster recovery as well as centralized administration and remote support. JTPL offers a wide range of storage infrastructure solutions that are effective, scalable and centrally managed that give a reliable solution for all types of data storage and backup necessities.