Welcome to Jesuit Technologies

Welcome to Jesuit Technologies


Routing and Switching

Newer projects that deliver rich infrastructure capabilities, higher security and flawless operations heavily depend on the base of switching and routing infrastructure. Routing and switching solutions, being the building block of any network, help enable anytime, anywhere communications and data sharing throughout the network and across the Internet. ...

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Wireless Networking

Wireless networks are no longer regarded as an optional requirement, they are a business critical element ensuring that organization’s stay ahead of their competition and maximize productivity and profitability. The steady increase in wireless enabled mobile and hand-held devices, the rise in adoption of cloud based services, and therefore the decentralization of company workplace ...

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Network Security

An open network environment facilitates businesses to improve productivity and extend its market reach. But such a network can even invite network intruders from within and outside. Network security breaches can have a devastating effect on businesses, leading to loss of vital information, revenue, and reduced productivity, not to mention the costs and effort required to restore the network, databases, and applications ....

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Businesses of all scales are finding it increasingly complicated to store, protect, and manage company data and information. Most businesses use disparate tools to manage storage for every application. As a result, they have to keep on configuring, provisioning and upgrading their servers and storage devices. Meanwhile, the rapid refresh in technology, that happens almost every three years, forces them to endure time-intensive and troubled migrations. ...

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