Routing and Switching

Enterprise networks are constantly facing the following challenges while managing day to day operations:

(i) Enhancing network responsiveness
(ii)Improving productivity
(iii) Increasing customer satisfaction
(iv) Managing growth and change
(v) Budget limitations
(vi) Security and Regulatory imperatives, etc.
Newer projects that deliver rich infrastructure capabilities, higher security and flawless operations heavily depend on the base of switching and routing infrastructure.

Routing and switching solutions, being the building block of any network, help enable anytime, anywhere communications and data sharing throughout the network and across the Internet.

Switching and routing are core functions of all networks and form the base infrastructure for implementing applications and solutions throughout the enterprise.

Switches and routers are getting more intelligent and provide enhanced functionality in addition to the basic function of connecting network segments.

These solutions come with advanced features like implementing user authentication, integrated firewall security, intrusion detection & prevention, and a variety of other port level checks and filtering features.

In the fast-changing commercial scenario of network consumption applications like video, voice or other rich media create huge traffic on the enterprise networks.
The core networking devices like switches and routers are able to implement Quality of Service (QOS) which helps the prioritization of desired traffic types or the ports channeling that traffic.

Prioritization also helps reduce packet delay which can disrupt rich media types like voice and video. Network virtualization as a feature enables to combine different networks into a single network. It can create multiple virtual networks from a single physical network. Network virtualization requires intelligent switches and routers that can be configured for virtualization and provide superior interoperability between other virtualized devices. Automation in network virtualization provides the ability to adjust the network in the event of faults and outages while imposing least impact on the end users.

As new IP based applications are developed and deployed, the efficiency of routing and switching infrastructure becomes even more important.

JTPL has the expertise to build modular and scalable networks using switching and routing technology. We offer customized solutions with support for a wide range of inter-networking devices to create the strong networking infrastructure base that our customers can depend upon.

Overcome your network issues and go real-time with your customers with the help of our technologically advanced business applications. Irrespective of the type and size of your business, we meet all your requirements including high performance with high reliability, simplification of LAN network layers, the ability to treat different applications with a different set of parameters, support for latest security trends, ease of management and green solutions with low operational costs. Our experts study your business needs thoroughly, transforming these needs into a simplified, resilient, QOS aware, service oriented and energy efficient LAN solution with minimal running costs.