a) Network Planning as per Customer Requirement – Layer 2 to Layer 7

Designing the architecture is the most critical challenge for any establishment. Be it a simple unmanaged setup or a managed gigabit or 10 gig setup, optimum design not only ensures productivity, but, also reduces frequent trouble shooting!

“Jesuit’s innovative professionalism and ability in constructing futuristic and fool-proof designs has not only saved us of our valuable time and energy, but has also resulted in huge savings ” – a satisfied customer…

b) Wired and Wireless LAN – Active Components

With unprecedented growth that is being experienced in the IT, ITeS and in the BFS (Banking and Financial Services) verticals , more workstations and work environments have to be provided at very short notice.

c) Firewall and Security

In this fast galloping days of the IT express highway, insecurity has become a common touch point.  Well! we are all apprehensive about Malicious mails, Spyware, Spams, Worms, Trojans, Unauthorized Intrusions, etc. etc.  Based on the need, Jesuit’s professional engineers would suggest and supply the required firewalls to protect networks at the speed of business~

d) Storage and Backup

Where do we store all data? Do we take back up of all files saved, changed and updated? Do we have to go in for an online backup feature?  “Theft, viruses, system crashes, misplaced MIS, or stolen data are driving demand for reliable backup and recovery solutions. Factually, business owners are by rough estimates spending much more than their investments on networks to the tune of 30 to 40% on data protection”  To circumvent this anomaly, proper storage and back up solutions are the need of the hour and investment on the same has its value in gold!

e) Internet Solutions

Internet solutions starts from analyzing and determining the exact requirement of internet bandwidth, identification of the right service provider, support, etc.  Whether dedicated links are required or is it enough for DSL links are decisions that have to be taken based on the download and upload usage patterns of the end users.  Economy and maximum utilization of bandwidth are the key factors to be evaluated before crystallizing the right solution.

f) Passive – Structured cabling and Fiber Solutions

Last but not the least, the interconnectivity between the nodes –  Minimal latency, maximum throughput performance, trouble-free access along with the right levels of support is a must in contemporary business.  Loss of man-hours due to any of the above mentioned factors could be arrested through proper structured cabling and efficient installation of performance switches.